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Protect Your Family From Unsightly Nail Fungal Infections

Nearly one in ten people in the United States of America will suffer from a fungal nail infection. Children and adults alike can develop the symptoms, which can be unsightly, painful and easily spread from person to person.

Fungal nail infections are ugly and can cause much embarrassment to the people who develop them. These infections are known as Onychomycosis, and often the first symptom of the condition is that the toenail or fingernail becomes thick and discoloured. Discoloration can range from black, to yellow, green or white.

Toe nail infections can make wearing shoes difficult, as the shoe presses on the nail causing a great deal of pain.
As the infection progresses, the nail can become very thin and brittle, causing pieces of the nail to break away.

If the infection advances without being treated, the skin surrounding the nail bed may become inflamed and this can cause the nail to become completely dislodged. In fact, frightening and serious complications such as cellulitis may even occur.

Many People, Adults and Children Alike Can Suffer From Ugly Nail Fungal Infections.

Ugly Nail Fungal InfectionsNearly thirty five million Americans have embarrassing and painful toe and fingernail fungal infections. If you are one of the unlucky sufferers, you will know exactly how difficult it is, and how long it can take to banish a fungal infection so that you can confidently display your feet in public again.
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Now there is a fantastic, all natural, revolutionary Fungal Nail Infection Treatment available.
It is so simple and convenient to use, but so powerfully potent that you won't want to hesitate a moment longer.

Great looking fingers and toes are just around the corner, so get started before summer arrives! The best news is that Zetaclear is a simple-to-use, 100% all natural, two-step solution to healthy looking nails. It uses no harsh chemicals, has no side effects, and is absolutely safe to use on your children.

Know Someone With Nail Fungal Infections?

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The usual medical treatments used to alleviate fungal nail infections can be very severe on the skin and may only be used for short term.
Zetaclear contains all natural ingredients, and is a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual aggressive fungal treatments.

Why would you want to use chemicals on your children when you can use a completely natural product?
Zetaclear is an easy-to-use two step Nail Fungus Treatment to clear ugly, unsightly fungal infections from your nails.

Initially, a topical application (cream) is administered directly to the nail to deal with any infection in and around the nail bed.
Secondly a potent homeopathic spray is put under the tongue. This delivers proven ingredients that fight fungal infections directly into the bloodstream.

These products used together will provide the ultimate attack against nail fungus.
Your beautiful nails, as well as your confidence, will be restored, as you start seeing a difference in just a few weeks!
Imagine yourself in open-toed sexy party shoes for the first time in years, or walking along the beach in bare feet!

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The Real Secret Is The Five Powerful Natural Ingredients In The Formula That Have Been Handed Down through Generations of Native Healers!

Homeopathic doctors have known for years about the success of using the individual ingredients in Zetaclear Homeopathic Spray.
Our experts have combined them all into one powerful remedy in just the right proportions to create a formidable weapon against fungal attacks.

All you need to do is apply the cream directly to the nail, and spray the homeopathic solution under your tongue up to three times a day. The combination delivers fast, effective symptom relief without side effects.[hr]

These Five Natural Medicines Have Been Used By Native Healers All Over The World For Centuries.

1. Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree. This potent tree was first discovered by the Indigenous people of Australia - the Aborigines. Tea Tree has an unparalleled anti-fungal action.
2. Jojoba oil has been used by the Mexico Indians and by the native American Indians for centuries. Jojoba moisturizes and waterproofs the skin.
3. Almond oil is derived from naturally grown, cold-pressed almonds such as those that were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.
4. Lemongrass is a well-known herb with zingy citrus top notes. It is widely used throughout Asia for its antifungal properties.
5. The milk of the Manchineel Tree which grows in the Caribbean is also present in the formulation.

Not only is Zetaclear able to attack and kill fungus, but it can help to clear yellow Keratin debris, which is a protein found in hair, nails and the outer skin layer. Keratin is hard, but can become soft under the nail and in the nail bed if there is moisture present, leading to nail disorders like fungal infections.

In order to prevent an infection in your fingernails or toenails, ensure that your hands and feet are kept clean and
dry. Wearing bare feet around communal public swimming pools will only increase your risk of contracting an infection.

Exercising in sports shoes and wearing sports gloves will create the damp, moist environment that fungi thrive in. Make every effort to wash and dry your hands and feet properly. Wash and leave gloves and sports shoes to dry in the sun, and keep Zetaclear on hand for treatment!

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If you're sick of trying out all the various medications for nail infections that are on the market that promise more than they seem to deliver, then put Zetaclear to the test!
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